The MatApp file upload module was developed exclusively for the transfer of small files, such as invoices, reports, spreadsheets, among others. The file upload module allows you to define which folders on your local computer will be copied to the cloud, as well as a send periodicity. For example, assuming you periodically access internet banking to pay your bills or your company and save it in the “My Invoices” folder on your computer. You can set up uploading of MatApp files to transfer all files saved in this folder to a folder in the cloud named “Financial \ Invoices”.

All files downloaded to the cloud are deleted from the local computer. Do not worry we check the integrity of the copied file before deleting it from your computer. All downloaded data is encrypted, no one can see your information.

Why is this useful to me?
Many users need to download files from the internet periodically and then transfer them to the cloud, this feature does it for you automatically.

Remember, you can manually copy files from your computer to the cloud or vice versa at any time, as long as this feature is enabled for you.